GoPenguin Toiletry Bag

gopenguin toiletry bag

As a traveler that loves to look best wherever you go, it is hard to get a hold of all your cosmetics and makeup essentials when you are on a trip or planning to start one. 

We know you want the entire closet to fit into your carry-on because let’s just face it, WE NEED THEM ALL. And you are also worried that all that lotion, lipstick, soaps could leak out and ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip. Along with your makeup brushes, nail polish and creams, it is simply hard to find what you need when you need it.

That made us realize the value of a toiletry bag. And not just any toiletry bag, but one that can carry, protect, organize and conveniently fit into your carry-on luggage. We know from past experience that a well compartmentalized toiletry bag can do wonders. The GoPenguin toiletry bag is thoughtfully divided into 5 sections that helps you visibly organize your cosmetics the way you use them. With see-through compartments, mesh pouches and detachable panels, the bag gives you full freedom to sort items for easy access.


Featuring heavy duty flexible hook for easy hanging onto towel bars and door hooks, the bag opens up displaying the contents all at once. This toiletry bag is compact but spacious enough for all your travel size cosmetics and containers. That also means it takes up very little space inside your carry-on or weekender bag, and is ideal for beauties on-the-go.

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