Has hot air ballooning always been on your bucket list?

It certainly has ours!

By Craig Fox

Cappadocia is known for being one of the best places in the world to take a balloon ride due to its perfect weather conditions and beautiful landscape. Every morning over a 100 balloons take to the skies and create the most magical views.

How to book your balloon ride?
With so many companies offering balloon tours it can be hard to know which one to pick. There are a few popular ones including Butterfly Balloons and Saltan Balloons and you can easily find more by googling. We booked through 2k travel as they had some great package deals and worked with the 7 main balloons complains so if your balloon flights cancelled you'll have more chance of getting on one the next day! In the end, we took off to the skies with Turca Balloons and the whole experience was just perfect.
What to expect on your flight
Heres a brief summary of what happens on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia;

  • At around 5:30 am (time changes during different seasons), you will be picked up from your hotel and transported to the balloon take-off point.
  • When you arrive you are given a light breakfast and can enjoy watching the balloon be prepared for flight.
  • Just before or at sunrise, you will board the balloon and take off into the skies with hundreds of other balloons
  • The flight lasts for around 1 hour and most of the balloons get around the height of 5500ft
  • As the balloons start to descend they float through the valleys and fairy chimneys giving you a great view of the beautiful landscape
  • On landing, you are given a champagne toast to celebrate and a certificate and then transported back to your hotel


How much does a balloon flight cost?
The prices change with the seasons but the price is usually around 175-220 euros depending on company and flight you choose.
Is it worth it?
Yes, it’s a lot of money! but it’s also a one in a lifetime thing! We probably won't hot air balloon again but it was certainly worth every penny. I think the whole Cappadocia vibe and landscape really add to the experience and make it so much more amazing.
What if I'm scared of heights?
I'm absolutely petrified of heights but surprisingly it was ok! When we got to the maximum height for the ride my knees were a little shaky but it was fine. As the balloons travel with the wind there's no movement as the height is gradual, not sudden.

We hope this blog helps you in ticking off something you've always dreamed of doing! It's certainly a once in a lifetime experience!


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