House Sit and Travel the World

by Thais & LJ

We got married, three days later, I got laid off. We were wondering: how can something like this happen? My husband and I moved to this new city, away from our families for this job. Can this really be happening to us?We were feeling all kinds of ways: scared, worried, anxious and in complete shock.

Fast forward to now, only nine months later, we are traveling the world. And who would’ve thought.

Our life was not full of risk, but instead, a routine we wanted to break away from. Not because we were unhappy but because we just felt that there was more. There was a whole world out there that we didn’t know.

We sold everything we owned. My husband quit his job and we said, “let’s go”. It was truly meant to be. We felt the universe telling us that if we didn’t do it now, we never will.

We started tons of research on visas, flights, countries, transportation and accommodation. Throughout our research we found one method of accommodation that would help us save and be able to travel while experiencing local living: housesitting.

At the time, we had no idea what it was. We didn’t know how legit it was, how safe it was or if it was “worth it”.

So, we took another leap of faith after doing tons of more research on it.  We made our choice, signed up for a yearly membership and didn’t look back.

We thought to ourselves, to be able to take care of someone’s home and pets while they’re away in exchange for a local living experience and free accommodation, it must be too good to be true.

Well, it’s not. It’s exactly that. It’s legit and safe. Of course, precautions and safety should be kept in mind. But it was such a unique way to visit amazing countries and save while doing so.

Here are a few tips that helped us get our first housesitting assignment:

  1.   Make sure you are as detailed as possible when talking about who you are. When you write, allow your personality to shine through.
  2.   Make sure you state what your house sitting or pet sitting experience is. Let the pet and house owners know what you can do for them. Example: send daily updates, pictures of their pets, or even Skype before the sit.
  3. Send customized messages when applying for an assignment. Avoid copy and pasting. Find a way to connect with what it says in the listing.

So far we’ve done four housesits, taken care of various animals and met some awesome people along the way. It’s an amazing and unique experience and we recommend it for those that are animals lovers and would love to save on accommodation.

As of right now, we’ve visited two countries while house sitting and saved over $3000 in accommodations. We will continue to make this a part of our travels as it allows us to not only save but experience local living; which for us, is the best part of traveling.

In the end, no matter how you like to travel, may your travels be full of adventure and experiences.


About The Writer

LJ and Thais are newlyweds that decided they were going to do the opposite of what most people do when they enter the “married life”: they were going to start traveling the world. They are believers of doing exactly what makes you happy and doing what you feel is crazy and ambitious; which is why their YouTube channel, where they share their adventures, is called Crazed Ambitions. They are firm believers of being true to yourself, and they share their perfectly imperfect travel adventures and life experiences with everyone on their Instagram: Crazed Ambitions as well. This is only the beginning of not only their house sitting journey but their travels. Follow them along!


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