Sky's the Limit


Dreams are often disguised as unreachable fantasies. The world often tells us that dreams don’t really come true - they are just ‘what-ifs’ and ‘hypothetical’s’. People dream of traveling the world-living those experiences you see in the movies. For me, that was a dream of mine. “If only I could drop everything and just travel the world”. Little did I know that dream would come true. I always loved to travel. Every trip I took, from vacations, to outreach, to work trips, my view about people and culture shifted. My perspective on the world changes every time I interact with someone from another culture. I majored in international studies in college to gain more knowledge about the world we live in. How do people in other countries operate? How do other cultures handle various situations? Although studying these ideas in the classroom setting is helpful, I wanted to experience these things the textbooks were saying. I want to go to these places and talk with people all around the world…but how? Again, I had a dream but did not know how to get there. Like most college students post graduation, I had no direction of where I wanted my life to take me. I didn’t have any job offers and no clue what I wanted to do with my life. All I had were these ‘unreachable dreams’. For several months I just worked many different part time jobs to pay the bills. I quickly realized that a steady nine to five daily routine was not in my blood. I needed a change. I wanted an escape, and more importantly, I wanted adventure! One day I had enough. I was sitting at my desk job and simply googled ‘jobs that require lots of travel’. Naturally, one of the first suggestions was ‘flight attendant’. I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself, “huh, I could do that…seems fun.” I submitted my application for fun and went back to work. That’s all it took. Not even a week later I was offered to work as a flight attendant for the 3rd largest airline in the world. I had two weeks to quit my jobs, pack my bags, and say goodbye to my friends to begin my new life traveling the world. I would have never guessed this is where my life would take me.

I have now been flying for 6 months and it has been incredible. I was scheduled to work the flight to London, UK my second trip as a flight attendant! I had never been to England before, and now I was going there for “work”?! Unbelievable! Since then I have traveling to London multiple times, the Dominican Republic, Madrid, Brussels, and all across the US. From discovering an underground bar under an old historic church in London, to walking the dreamy beaches of the Caribbean, to tasting authentic Belgian waffles, my solo adventures across the globe and all around the US have been an absolute dream. It blows my mind how unique and diverse this world is. I have met some incredible people from each adventure. I have seen and experienced things I never would have imagined. Keep dreaming and take risks. One tiny step might be all it takes to place you on the right trajectory for that dream you’ve been wishing for. For me that’s all it took. One simple decision and a heart for adventure lead me to traveling the world, living wildly, and having the time of my life.


About The Writer

Mya's adventurous spirit always keeps her on the move. Graduating from the University of Utah in dance and international studies, Mya enhanced her love of artistry and culture. She is currently pursuing her love of travel as a flight attendant for United Airlines and is always on the look out for a wild adventure. Catch her living her best life in all your favorite places!


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